Ny times magazine


A few weeks ago I was commissioned by NYtimes magazine to work on a story about life expectancy in Australia. Some of the images are in this web gallery with more published in print today ( let me know what you think new york pals) Though it was a real privilege to work on the story it’s jarring that life expectancies of Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people lag those of non-Indigenous Australians by more than eight years, and infants and toddlers die at twice the rate. Most of the people I photographed suffer from Rheumatic heart disease which has been eradicated in all of Australia outside of remote communities. The town I photographed is only 45 mins out of Cairns where the community has set up Aboriginal-run healthcare that is making a huge difference but the legacy of colonialism and the government’s incredible justification of racist and dangerous policies ensure the gap in life expectancy remains.

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