Definition of haunting: having qualities (such as sadness or beauty) that linger in the memory
: not easily forgotten

Extraordinary experiences ( 2020- ongoing) uses photography as a conduit for emotional interpretation of reality during a time of turmoil.

Created in the streets near where I live, on daily walks, the images depict a dark exploration of the landscape interspersed with motifs of my family and of animals both, dead and alive. The resulting images come from an intuitive response to my surroundings, the images interplay with photography’s ability to make eternal what is fleeting. Through in camera and in scanner manipulations these images exist through intervention, sometimes by the artist, others by the unseen atmosphere that surrounds what is photographed. There are a set of psychological phenomena that can happen to the bereaved, loosely named Extraordinary Experiences. One of them is a visual apparition of or "seeing" the loved one. This work allows me to make tangible those feelings, the apparitions of emotions, memories, and dreams embed grief into the photographs. These images explore the idea of being haunted by the past, of reckoning with history, and the eternity of the natural world

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