Art Gallery of Ballarat

LUMINA Collective is proud to announce their latest exhibition project ECHOES opening December 15, 2018, on view for three months until 10 March 2019 at the Art Gallery of Ballarat in Victoria.

Through perceptions of presence and absence, Echoes, explores the ways in which photographic image making in Australia is inherently linked to questions of identity and place, and to generational stories that span many oceans.

The project explores eight installation works conceived by LUMINA artists occupying five major exhibition spaces within the Art Gallery of Ballarat, Australia’s oldest and largest regional gallery.

By embracing long-form deeply embedded personal practices, Echoes, investigates ideas of identity through explorations of family history, trauma and loss, home and self, migration and environmental upheaval within the scope of social and cultural Australian identities.

In her 2011 article Photography and Place, writer and prominent Australian curator Judy Annear suggests that “in this photography of place and residue, (there is) an implicit acknowledgement of the role of the photographer as a mediator and a storyteller, and the story is not at all straightforward. It is not picture-postcard perfect.”

Founded in 2017, LUMINA comprises eight leading female Australian photographers who seek to engage viewers with these ideas, through modes of documentary methodologies that extend beyond linear visual storytelling processes through the unique voice and vision of each artist.

LUMINA Collective are Donna Bailey, Chloe Bartram, Jessie Boylan, Aletheia Casey, Anna Maria Antoinette D’Addario, Lyndal Irons, Morganna Magee and Sarah Rhodes.

ECHOES is supported by Art Gallery of Ballarat, the Harold and Gwenneth Harris Foundation, The Department of Medical Humanities, University of Sydney, Pholpo and Canon Australia.

Published work

Excited to have been commissioned by the New York Times magazine to photograph Australian writer Gerald Murnane in his home town of Goroke.

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