2020 -a year in which it seemed for just a moment society valued health, nature and family above all else.

Uniquely for Australians, following a catastrophic summer, outside spaces became a refuge almost immediately after living with months of choking smoke, ash and embers.

Walking day after day I have become more drawn to the wild places, spots that felt safe, secret and sacred. Free to venture out again after a summer of sadness. Safe in my wild environment, I feel none of the anxiety experts say I should. Instead, I feel utterly at peace.

In the weeks where lockdown was lifted I visited my family, my niece and nephew happily posing for my camera, a change in routine, a chance to be eternal. Now two months on I am forbidden from seeing them, a literal roadblock in my way. But at least I have these photos…

 This work is an intuitive response to Covid-19- the emotional framework allowing for a poetic response to a world struggling as our modern value system is torturously dismantled.

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