Morganna Magee

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Teenage Wildlife

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Morganna Magee’s Teenage Wildlife, an ongoing documentation of the lives of three young women, is presented as the artist's first mongraph.

Daisy, Shania and Teeya are three young women from the same family. Over the years in which Magee has photographed them, the relationship between sitter and photographer has allowed for a collaborative practice in which the girls are allowed autonomy over their representation.

Experiencing their first heartbreak and other universal rights of adolescent passage in combination with poverty, crime, lack of education and systemic neglect of their mental health, the girl’s teenage years end abruptly with the birth of a child.

Statistically teenagers in Australia are healthier and more privileged than ever before however for girls like Daisy, Shania and Teeya, intergenerational poverty, mental illness and lack of education paints a different picture.

8 x 10 inch, 54 pages full colour with essay from esteemed artist Jessie Boylan.

Printed by Momento Pro Australia

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